Increase service life, reduce disruption and use resources wisely with NovaChip®/UltraWear™

NovaChip®/UltraWear™ was developed in the late 1980’s and it was first introduced to the United States in 1992. Now, annually, NovaChip®/UltraWear™ is extensively used throughout New York State.

NovaChip®/UltraWear™ is an exclusive pavement process utilizing a self-priming paver that applies an ultrathin, gap-graded hot mix wearing course over a polymer rich asphalt emulsion. This process rapidly secures the wearing course to the existing surface resulting in minimal traffic delays.


The process involves spraying a heavy layer of polymer modified asphalt emulsion within inches of the application of the hot mix asphalt. The NovaChip®/UltraWear™ can be placed as thin as 0.5 inches (12.5 mm) to 1.5 inches (38 mm) thick. The emulsion cools quickly and bonds the asphalt to the pavement rapidly. Compaction is the final step in this process. The newly paver placed surface treatment can be reopened to traffic within 100 yards of compaction completion.

There are three different gap-graded types of HMA that can be used.

Value Added Benefits

  • Improves skid resistance on difficult, accident-prone areas
  • Fast application process
  • No tracking of tack
  • Open to traffic in minutes
  • Reduces noise and hydroplaning
  • Bonds well to asphalt and concrete
  • Economical
  • Perfect for all traffic volumes
  • No milling necessary
  • Helps preserve curb reveal
  • Reduces aggregate consumption
  • No need to raise manholes, catch basins or water valves (in most cases)

Compatible Processes